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Location South Cove Commons, 440 N
125 Lefante Way Bayonne, NJ 07002
P 201-339-3399 F 201-339-3330


What People Say About Us

✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩
This place is a great addition to Bayonne. Conveniently off of Route 440 and close to the 34th street light rail station.... definitely a good idea before a movie!
I came here and had the sushi and its definitely solid. Just like the hibachi, the sushi is prepared right before your eyes... right in front of a huge wall of LED lights and water falling from the ceiling. Extremely pleasant to the eyes. Nice and attentive staff and many televisions with sports and such.

Rich D. Bayonne, NJ

✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩
Finally, a good sushi establishment in the Jersey City/Bayonne area. This one has an option of hibachi to boot.
I don't know if it's the lack of decent sushi joints in the area, or the ugly-person-but-surrounded-by-uglier-people syndrome, but this place is great!
Mind you, we only tried the specialty sushi rolls and two hand rolls, but they were of fresh quality. We ordered the Golden Sun Roll and two other specialty rolls (I can't remember the names of them) and two hand rolls (Salmon Skin and Spicy Yellow Tuna). Fresh! No fishy smell/taste. As for the hand rolls? AMAZING! I prefer hand rolls over maki rolls. Never had one? Try one of these two (or spicy tuna). You'll fall in love with hand rolls like I have.
No stomach virus here like one of the other reviewers claimed to have, but my nonexistent summer beach body could definitely benefit from one!
The ambiance is nice since everything is new! But the sink in the restroom is odd--it's raised and the faucet is low so your hand nearly touches the bottom of the sink if you're not careful. The service was great but take into consideration that we were 2 of 20 people in a 100+ capacity restaurant. More attention for me!

Jordan M. Jersey City, NJ

✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩
The food at Otaiko was very good. They serve both fried rice and noodles. Gave the table a sample of fish from the kitchen to try. I had the filet mignon and chicken. the Shrimp appetizer was good. The soup (they called it mushroom) had 3 little slices of mushroom in it which could be removed easily if you do not like mushrooms. The salad was crisp and cold. For desert I had green tea ice cream. they do not have alcohol yet, which does not concern me. But if you must have it, it will soon be available. the cook was very entertaining without being tooo loud. I would go again. My steak was perfect as was the chicken, and shrimp. Had a large assortment to judge by.
to the person who got sick after eating there, you may have been coming down with something long before you got there. This happened to me and it turned out to be "Mono". I too blamed it on the restaurant, but the doctor assure me it was not the restaurant..

Georgette O. Bayonne, NJ

✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩
Ok, so I am reviewing this place after eating there after they were only open for 4 days. They did not have their license to sell alcohol yet however I felt that I should write about my experience so far. The decor when you first walk in is extremely attractive. The hostess was very welcome and friendly and once we sat down we were promptly tended to. We ordered various dishes of sushi (see my posted pictures) The manager came over to personally check on us and the quality of the Sushi was excellent. We received a complimentary dish from the sushi chef and it was delicious! They have a hibachi and I am excited to try that. I am expecting big things from this establishment and I plan on frequenting it.

Michael V. Bayonne, NJ

✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩
Upon sitting down at the sushi bar, we were offered up an appetizer of a whitefish tempura as a treat from Alex, the lead sushi chef and a part owner if I understood him correctly. My wife asked what it was, and knowing she wouldn't eat it if it was a fish other than tuna or shrimp, I didn't tell her what it was. She loved it, as did I. It was a whitefish tempura served over cucumber with a spicy sauce. I then ordered a Chirashi platter and and an "AK47 Roll," which was shrimp tempura rolled in rice and nori, topped with lobster meat and spicy tuna... both the platter and roll were delicious. The fish was incredibly fresh. My wife had a Spicy Maki combo, Spicy Tuna, California Roll and she subbed a spicy cucumber roll for the salmon. She enjoyed her entire meal as well. We finished with green tea ice cream. While it wasn't crowded for a Saturday evening, we were there at 6pm... and they've just opened, but it was about a third full. A few Hibachi tables were full with what appeared to be very happy satisfied customers. I've got a good vibe about this place. I know we will return.

Scott C. Hudson, NJ